Feed your Adventures

Have you ever had to wait for a student to finish their skills under the water before exploring the dive site?
Have you ever had to finish your dive earlier because someone went trough their air quickly?
Have you ever felt that this day of diving was just a waste of time?

If you can answer all those questions with "yes" then we offer the perfect experience for you here at Buccanneer Diving Jambiani.
We offer once a week one of our unique adventure dives where we only take experienced divers.
On those dives you will be diving with divers who share the same passion and enthusiasm for the ocean as you.
If this sparks your curiosity, we do have the following two options for you:


For us there is no better way then starting the day with an early sunrise dive. This unique experience allows you to see the reef come alive.

When we enter the water we will be using torches as it will still be dark outside. Approximately 15-20 min into the dive the sun will start to rise where you will be part of the wake up routine of the residents of the reef. Once we surface we will catch the first sunrays of the day.

Ufff what a feeling...!!!



Are you looking for more of a thrill, seeking the unknow, wanting to explore the ocean? Then you should consider joining us on one of our exploration dives where we go to a brand new site that has not been dived before.

You will get your own individual adrenalin kick once we descending into the unknown coming across it all or even nothing. But believe us even nothing is spectacular.

Is it calling your name yet...? 

If you are lucky enough the new dive site will be named by your suggestion. After every exploration dive each person is allowed to nominate a name for the new dive site which will be picked once the dive site is more explored.

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