• diver doing his PADI Scuba diving course

PADI SCUBA Diver Course

Taking your first steps into the underwater world.

PADI Scuba diving course is the first step to discovering life underwater. Diving under direct supervision with our guides to a maximum depth of 12 meters/40 feet, this course will teach you everything you need to know before advancing to an Open Water certification.

Total number of days for this experience: 2
Total number of dives in this experience: 2
Minimum age to do this experience: 10


  • Good physical health
  • Adept at swimming
  • 10 Years of age or older
  • No prior diving experience required


Get ahead of the game. Contact us directly to arrange access to your e-learning online course, and we’ll send you access information to the PADI Open Water Touch™ app so you can study on your favourite mobile device. This means that when you get to Zanzibar you are ready to hit the water straight away.



Day 1

Pool dives

After a quick review on your theoretical knowledge your Instructor will put you in the pool to teach you some basic skills so that you are comfortable and safe in the ocean when its time to dive!

Day 2

Its time to see some fish

Typically you will be ready to go for your ocean dives on day two. A short trip to the lagoon or a shallow outer reef will have you amongst the marine life to a maximum of 12M in no time at all.

On your return you will log your dives and then you have your basic PADI Scuba Diver certification!


Scuba Diver Course Including Full Equipment $ 300

PADI Online Course $105

TOTAL $ 405