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We host a wide range of different dive sites catering from every level beginner to pro.
Sloping reefs into magnificent drop offs, untouched coral home to many tropical fish species where even big pelagic marine species make their appearance once in a while.

As Buccaneer Jambiani is located further South these are our main dives sites amongst the sites previously listed.

Every dive site can be used for TRAINING purposes as well as for FUN dives.

Napoleon Wall (12-35m)

A spectacular drop off with amazing corals sitting on top of the wall. Along the sides you will find big holes were its known to spot turtles, rays and other larger sea life. The site also holds a lot of nursery's for the local wild life.


Woo South (12-75m)

Woo is one of our favorite site to dive. You can dive it shallow, you can dive it deep but it will always leave you saying "WOOOOO". Shallow it offers you beautiful untouched coral heads teeming with life and once you make your way across to the drop off you may be lucky and get greeted by Sharks, Barracuda, Giant Kingfish and more large species.


Sau Inn Garden (6-25m)

Is a stunning beautiful garden of assorted corals with amazing colors and a plentitude of micro life and fish. Sau Inn also has a deep dive on a small ledge where you can find Napoleon wrasse, Giant Kingfish and occasional Barracuda. 


Powoni - North, Hill and South (9-30m)

Shows magnificent table corals, normal crowded among many other species, by sweetlips and unicorn fish and the occasional pelagic. You must keep a good eye open on the hunt for Scorpion fish and Octopus hiding in the corals and under the shells.

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