PADI Open Water SCUBA Diver Course

The world beneath the waves awaits you,
and this is where it all starts.

The PADI Open Water Scuba Diver course is the international standard in recreational scuba diving. This course teaches you the basic skills you need in order to explore the reefs, wrecks and other mysteries our oceans have to offer.

Total number of days for this experience: 3-4
Total number of dives in this experience: 4
Minimum age to do this experience: 10


  • Good physical health
  • Adept at swimming
  • 10 Years of age or older

Get ahead of the game. Contact us directly to arrange access to your e-learning online course, and we’ll send you access information to the PADI Open Water Touch™ app so you can study on your favourite mobile device. This means that when you get to Zanzibar you are ready to hit the water straight away. 



Day 1

E-Learning & Pool Dives

So on the first day you will probably go over what you learned online and do a quick assessment on your theoretical knowledge. Then its time for the pool where your PADI Instructor will teach you about equipment set up and will build on your skills, starting from simple and working towards more complex so that when you get to the ocean you will be confident in your diving abilities and looking forward to seeing the good stuff - marine life!

Day 2

More pool work and meeting some fish

Depending on the tides and on how fast you want to or have progressed with your pool dives, you may jump in the pool again or you may go out for your first two dives. As your first dives are at a maximum of 12M we normally dive in one of our sheltered lagoon sites.

Day 3

Finishing your course

So its time for your last two dives and by now your confidence will have built and you will be raring to see what its like a little deeper. We usually dive on the fringing reefs of the South East Coast which you will be able to explore to a maximum of 18M.

Then come back, log your dive and you are set and certified as a PADI Openwater Diver, the worlds most popular diving certification


PADI E-learning including certification $105

PADI Openwater Course including pool and ocean dives $490

TOTAL Cost inc PADI E-Learning $595