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We have some exciting news for you guys! We have now taken over management of some beautiful self-catering apartments.

“It’s low season! How come you guys look so busy?” a question we have been asked over and over for the last couple of months.

April and May are our low season and during this time many hotels, restaurants and activity centers close down while the island is battered by welcomed rains. . . Not us though. We need to make sure everything is tip top for the upcoming high season, after all we need to live up to our recent Certificate Of Excellence Award. This low season has seen us pulling each boat in turn out of the water for maintenance, giving the dive center a fresh new face, holding a brilliantly successful IDC


Harlequin Shrimp

  • Harlequin shrimps mate for life;
  • The feed only on star fish and detect their prey by using their sense of smell;
  • They use their pelvic fins as ‘legs’ so they can walk along the ocean bottom;
  • They even feed their prey to keep them alive to feast on them at a later date;
  • Their colourful shell acts as a warning to predators, it’s thought that they ingest toxins from their prey making them distasteful or dangerous to potential predators;
  • These shrimps are very rare and suffer due to coral reef damage . . . but yep, you’ve guessed it, they live on a secret bomi within out lagoon.